Fuck/Marry/Kill - A3 Riso Print

Fuck/Marry/Kill - A3 Riso Print

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Canned food is the bedrock of modern Singaporean society. Even if you disagree, I think it's pretty universal that luncheon meat is quite fuckable. The designations for each food were from an Instagram story poll, and did you know most people don't like baked beans?? But they taste so good when you mix in scrambled eggs.....

✷ 5-colour riso print
✷ Size: H410 x W189mm (Will have negligible difference of ± a few mm as these are cut by hand)
✷ Printed on 170gsm paper

✷ Still figuring out delivery right now T_T Gimme a sec ok

✷ Do take note that due to the nature of risograph printing, no two prints are the same, and will have different registrations/may not be centered